From early on Amina had a great passion for the healing and unfolding of the true human potential – her own and at of all others.

She experienced living and learning with the greatest variety of people both in Europe and Brazil, studied languages and the theory of education, painting and art therapy.


Sasenyin therapy gave her the opportunity to develop her own potential and assist others so deeply and comprehensively, how she had always hoped to be able to do. Sasenyin comprises reintegration massage, etheric osteopathy, reading of the akasha chronic, energy work and chakra reading.


Amina’s love, clear perception, intuition and clairvoyance help her to recognise the causes of problems and to accompany her clients’ deep healing process in a holistic way – and to help them to become their true authentic self.


Since 1997 she has been self-employed as an art and Sasenyin therapist working with an age range from babies to the dying elderly.


She leads meditations and groups for inner growth and healing, holds talks, gives seminars and individual sessions.


Using painting and meditation, I would like to offer you the opportunity to deepen the connection with your inner Self, to discover new aspects of your Self, to recognise where you may be holding yourself back and to free your potential, and unfold and live it fully.