Since very young Amparo was passionate about gymnastics and dance.


Her extremely flexible body soon became problematic and some teachers and doctors wanted her to be operated on with prosthesis in her legs.


She began to develop her own way of using and exploring her body as a dancer and performer. The work with her body brought her forward to a unique understanding of the art of movement.


By 16 years old she began working with Cirque de Soleil, Carlos Suara, Fura dels Bauls and others.


Amparo later on went to India to become a Yoga teacher and to study old classical Indian dances such as Odissi and Kalbelya.


The bright blend of her knowledge in Flamenco, Acrobatics, Theatre, Yoga, Feldenkrais and Pilates merged to become her personal way of being a beautiful dancer.


She investigates through her body to discover the sacred connection with higher consciousness.


Honouring through dance is her holiest duty.


Inviting you to a unique experience of connecting with earth and sky, with the elements and the supreme spirit, she guides you to new horizons.