Carolina is dedicated to healing through movement and body therapies.


She has lived in many cities all over the world, gathering a wealth of knowledge along the way. Dancing, learning, teaching sharing.


Working as a massage therapist and osteopath she helps patients organically recover harmony and balance by stimulating the body structure - treating and releasing blockages.


As a dancer and choreographer, she gives lessons and workshops which emphasise body awareness of biomechanics, exploring the internal structure and the spirals as a base for movement to create an inner space with the environment, oneself and with others.


Carolina shares all of her knowledge in her sessions: Osteopathy and the knowledge it gives her of the human body, Body-mind centering, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary dance, African, Afro-Caribbean and tradition dances from many cultures to create a space to explore and develop an organic movement, enjoying the internal rhythm and the beauty of expression and creation.


Carolina teaches that our body is our best tool to connect with ourselves our emotions and our experiences. Listen to it, care for it, enjoy it and heal us through it.


When the body moves and expresses itself free and healthy, it is a language that everyone can understand. It is a way to communicate which unites us all.