Elinor was born 1984 in Stuttgart and educated in the ways of Rudolph Steiner. Antroposophic philosophy influenced the way she looks at the world. Hence I believe every human to be unique in her/his ways and needs, able to grow and able to love.


Elinor has studied Performing Arts which she finished with a Diploma in Performing Arts pedagogy.


Since then she works and lives in Bremen. In collaboration with various Artists, she initiates, designs and directs theatre projects for and with young people.


“My ambition is to create spaces in which people meet and feel. What lies behind the mask, underneath the gestures and standards defined by culture and society? What remains when we stand face to face just looking at one another? How do I meet you and how do we conduct ourselves with love and mindfulness? How am I true to you?”


Enjoy with Elinor workshops of self-experience.

Together we create a safe space of emotional awareness. Using simple methods of theatre pedagogy and performance to observe, perceive and experience.


We will sharpen our senses and follow our intuition to learn from our own deep wisdom about true ways of encounter.