Born and raised in Genoa, Italy. Since he was young he loved sports and exercise.


After college he began an interesting period of different studies such as NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), martial arts, management of companies, human development potential and he discovered his passion for guiding people to a healthier state of being.


Federico decided to settle down in Ibiza and followed deep work about digestion of energies with the Institute “La Ciense Unitare” and he travelled back to Italy in Pesaro where he studied Omega Trance Coaching with Dr. Roy Martina.


He became a master in all kinds of personal trainings such as fitness trainer, Reiki, Massage, Chi Kung and Christallin Source Healing.


He went to India to discover Ayurveda therapies, spent time in Barcelona to integrate the Hipopresive abdominal gymnastic and visited a kibbuz in Eilat, Israel to learn about permaculture.


Finally he created the Wellness service Entheos and holds a beautiful house in Ibiza to receive people from all over the world to join his retreats and programs into.