Born and raised in Genoa, Italy.

Since young he developed his abilities of billiard playing and has climbed up to the first ranking list.


He studied with mind NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).


In 2009 he discovered his passion for healing and helping of the teaching of Dr Roy Martina.

The holistic approach of the Omega NEI Health Coaching helped him to step into the challenge of finding out who he really is.


He became familiar with acupuncture used his knowledge of NLP to balance body and soul and upgrading of self- healing energy.


In 2012 he got his Master as Omega Health Top Coach and is currently studying as Master for Angel's Life Coach.

He joined his brother in Ibiza and brought his light and qualities into the Entheos Group which started now to follow the mission of creating a holistic service from physical power to mindful consciousness.


Gabriele became a therapist in Christallin Source Healing and loves to give to humanity out of his talent and knowledge, always ready to receive more wisdom and blessings.