May - Essential Voice - Swan Retreat


Carolina is dedicated to healing through movement and body therapies.


She has lived in many cities all over the world, gathering a wealth of knowledge along the way. Dancing, learning, teaching sharing.


Working as a massage therapist and osteopath she helps patients organically recover harmony and balance by stimulating the body structure - treating and releasing blockages.


As a dancer and choreographer, she gives lessons and workshops which emphasise body awareness of biomechanics, exploring the internal structure and the spirals as a base for movement to create an inner space with the environment, oneself and with others.


Carolina shares all of her knowledge in her sessions: Osteopathy and the knowledge it gives her of the human body, Body-mind centering, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary dance, African, Afro-Caribbean and tradition dances from many cultures to create a space to explore and develop an organic movement, enjoying the internal rhythm and the beauty of expression and creation.


Carolina teaches that our body is our best tool to connect with ourselves our emotions and our experiences. Listen to it, care for it, enjoy it and heal us through it.


When the body moves and expresses itself free and healthy, it is a language that everyone can understand. It is a way to communicate which unites us all.




Tanit is a singer, composer, therapist and founder of “Essential Voice” and “Mamacanta”.


From the age of 12 she studied to become a singer and actress in the best theatre schools in Barcelona, learning a variety of techniques from excellent teachers. Tanit has worked as a singer and composer in many groups, she has worked on her own compositions backed by seven musicians and she has regularly acted in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Chile.


Tanit has spent a lot of time with indigenous tribes in Brazil, Chile and Peru with whom she is still in contact with, and from them directly she has learned their Holy songs, their popular songs and their dances.


These visits to South America gave her the knowledge of the healing powers of rituals and social movements with music.


She has more than 10 years’ experience giving workshops and classes in a large variety of schools and spaces in Barcelona with her project “Laboratorio de voz”.

This work gives Tanit the opportunity to observe and study in depth the therapeutic and healing effects of the voice. She uses the voice as a tool for healing, particularly with those who have special needs, chronic illness and the elderly.


Tanit also offers songs and workshops for pregnant women. Her special project “Mamacanta” is dedicated to all Mothers and Babies, Midwives and Doulas.


In 2013 she released her CD album “Neve Lunas” (Nine moons) dedicated to pregnancy and motherhood, which has been very successful entering birthing spaces around the world.




Medicinal Chef: OLIVER

Oliver began experimenting with cooking at the age of 16 and he has travelled the world learning new ways to experiment with food from many different cultures. Working as a professional chef for 15 years, Oliver has growing experience with how food influences our physical, mental and emotional health leading to the perspective that food should be used as medicine.


Oliver is particularly inspired by the Ayurvedic cooking principles and several journeys to the Amazon where he learned how indigenous people use plants, herbs and vegetables for healing.




1st: 3rd: 5th:

arrivals: first night 8am-Breakfast 8am- Breakfast

10.30am - Dance 10.30am - Dance

2nd: with Carolina with Carolina

8am - Breakfast 13 - Lunch 13 - Lunch

9am - Meditation 14-16 Silent hours 14-16 Silent hours

with Saskia 17 - Singing 17 - Singing

10.30am - Dance with Tanit with Tanit

with Carolina 19 - Dinner 19 - Dinner

13 - lunch 20 - Meditation

14-16 - Silent celebration


17 -Singing

with Tanit

19 - Dinner




from 570€ (it includes retreat, breakfast and lunch and accommodation in the smallest bedroom)

620€ (medium bedroom)

670€ (biggest bedroom)




Watsu (60 min. € 100,-)

Massage (60 min. € 70,-)

Chi Kung/Qi Gong (60 min. € 25,-)

Christallin Source Healing (60 min. € 70,-)

Gymnasia Abdominal Hipopresiva (60 min. € 25,-)

Special Offer: All Extra Activities pack. € 250,-





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“ESSENTIAL VOICE” (Dancing & Singing) RETREAT:


1st-5th MAY 2017 Women only




We have the great pleasure to offer your four nights and three days of amazing work in a beautiful, remote Ibiza country house, with



Dancer, Choreographer, and craniosacral therapist.


Sing and Sound Therapist


Medicinal Food Chef who will be providing our

amazing meals.


These three very special people have been chosen by Saskia, the organiser, to offer you a blend of arts and therapy. To enjoy in the depths of your soul and to unify the artist, the woman and your actual person to a higher level of health, consciousness and love for life itself.


The programme is designed to enter into a very simple routine with early eating hours.

On request all the participants can have sessions of craniosacral and classic massage.


Oliver will also be offering individual teaching about nutrition.


Two hours of silence are obligatory each day and participants stay near the house. Herbal tea and water is always available – Alcohol and tobacco are not allowed.