September - 4 Elements Retreat

“4 ELEMENTS” (Yoga & Dance) RETREAT:

22nd - 28th Sept 2017 Women Only




We welcome all people with a special love for dance.

In this very magical week we will provide extraordinary wellbeing for body and soul.


The days will begin with Meditation and Yoga followed by two hours of dance and wonderful healthy food.


Then there will be time for extra activities or time for yourself

followed by yoga and meditation at the time of the famous 2 Ibiza sublime sunsets.


Can Samsara is a beautiful 7 bedroom farmhouse perched on top of a private hill, boasting breath-taking 360 degree sea and valley views.


Here you will find peace and joy to elevate your spirit.


The quality, strength and wisdom within the 4 elements will guide you through this pleasure filled holiday.




FOOD is LOVE Caterings with Martabiotika

The new concept of catering. Food as Medicine. Food as Art. Food as an expression of Pure Love. Conscious, intuitive and revitalising.

Because you are PRECIOUS and LIFE is the most unique journey to experience in health and happiness.




We combine our wide knowledge in holistic nutrition and other systems (macrobiotics, raw, vegan, Ayurveda) with our love for art and our greatest gift: intuition.


The result: Nourishing and naturally energizing meals that provide a wonderful experience for your senses.

Your soul will love it!




Since very young Amparo was passionate about gymnastics and dance.


Her extremely flexible body soon became problematic and some teachers and doctors wanted her to be operated on with prosthesis in her legs.


She began to develop her own way of using and exploring her body as a dancer and performer. The work with her body brought her forward to a unique understanding of the art of movement.


By 16 years old she began working with Cirque de Soleil, Carlos Suara, Fura dels Bauls and others.


Amparo later on went to India to become a Yoga teacher and to study old classical Indian dances such as Odissi and Kalbelya.


The bright blend of her knowledge in Flamenco, Acrobatics, Theatre, Yoga, Feldenkrais and Pilates merged to become her personal way of being a beautiful dancer.


She investigates through her body to discover the sacred connection with higher consciousness.


Honouring through dance is her holiest duty.


Inviting you to a unique experience of connecting with earth and sky, with the elements and the supreme spirit, she guides you to new horizons




Vanessa is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Pilates Instructor & Health Coach who is passionate about natural health and healing lifestyles.


Her curious personality has led her to embrace all health topics which involve movement and diet.


She enjoys sharing healthy plans so people can reach more vibrant and colourful lifestyles.


Vanessa is dedicated to empowering others to live in wellness, not only in their physical bodies, but also in their mind and hearts.


Vibrant Energetic Workout is a fusion of Hatha Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Mat Pilates, Yin Yoga and Pineal Gland Activation Exercises.


From Yang to Yin, and Yin to Yang, the goal is to work the duality of existence: to elevate our own light and embrace our shadows.


We connect the male and female energies, opening the body’s meridians and activating the internal organs.


Vanessa also incorporates Detox Breathing Exercises (Pranayama) and Relaxation techniques to calm our Minds.


She uses of special Pineal Gland Activation Music which will help you reach higher states of awareness.




Day 2 AIR - Day 3 FIRE - Day 4 WATER - Day 5 EARTH


7am – Wake up

7:30 - 8 - Meditation

8-9am - Yoga

9-10am Breakfast

10-12 - Dance

12-13 - Lunch

13-19 - Free time or Extra activity time

19-20 - Yoga

20-20:30 - Meditation


Day 6:


7am – Wake up

7:30 - 8am - Meditation

8-9am - Yoga

9-10 Breakfast

10-12 - Dance

12-13 - Lunch

13-17 - Free time

17-18 - Extra Activities

19-20 - Dance Performance

20-20:30 - Meditation

21:00 - Pizza and Sangria Party!


Day 1 and Day 7:


7am – Wake up

7:30 - 8am - Meditation

8-9am - Yoga

9-10 Breakfast

10-11 - Chi Kung class

11-12 - Meditation & Closing

12-13 - Lunch

14 - Check out

15 - Check in

18 - 19 - Presentation

19-20 - Yoga

20-20:30 - Meditation




from 899,- €/person (it includes the retreat, breakfast and lunch and accommodation in the smallest bedroom)

949,- € (medium bedroom)

999,- € (biggest bedroom)




Watsu (60 min. € 100,-)

Massage (60 min. € 70,-)

Chi Kung/Qi Gong (60 min. € 25,-)

Christallin Source Healing (60 min. € 70,-)

Gymnasia Abdominal Hipopresiva (60 min. € 25,-)

Special Offer: All Extra Activities pack. € 250,-





+34 660 761 530