September - Inner Space Retreat

“INNER SPACE” (Painting & Theatre) RETREAT:

4th-8th SEPTEMBER 2017 Women Only





This retreat is there for you to step into your inner space.


With Art therapy you will get to the powerful point in you where no name and no age is hiding the joy of you really are.


You will point and learn of the sound of colours. You will act and play within the group.

You will enjoy and discover.


Delicious organic food will surprise your body with real wellbeing.


3 days of total disconnection from the reality of consumerism and capitalism.


Deep inner peace with meditation and silent hours. Participants stay near the house.


Herbal tea and water is always available – Alcohol and tobacco are not permitted.






From early on Amina had a great passion for the healing and unfolding of the true human potential – her own and at of all others.

She experienced living and learning with the greatest variety of people both in Europe and Brazil, studied languages and the theory of education, painting and art therapy.


Sasenyin therapy gave her the opportunity to develop her own potential and assist others so deeply and comprehensively, how she had always hoped to be able to do. Sasenyin comprises reintegration massage, etheric osteopathy, reading of the akasha chronic, energy work and chakra reading.


Amina’s love, clear perception, intuition and clairvoyance help her to recognise the causes of problems and to accompany her clients’ deep healing process in a holistic way – and to help them to become their true authentic self.


Since 1997 she has been self-employed as an art and Sasenyin therapist working with an age range from babies to the dying elderly.


She leads meditations and groups for inner growth and healing, holds talks, gives seminars and individual sessions.


Using painting and meditation, I would like to offer you the opportunity to deepen the connection with your inner Self, to discover new aspects of your Self, to recognise where you may be holding yourself back and to free your potential, and unfold and live it fully.







Elinor was born 1984 in Stuttgart and educated in the ways of Rudolph Steiner. Antroposophic philosophy influenced the way she looks at the world. Hence I believe every human to be unique in her/his ways and needs, able to grow and able to love.


Elinor has studied Performing Arts which she finished with a Diploma in Performing Arts pedagogy.


Since then she works and lives in Bremen. In collaboration with various Artists, she initiates, designs and directs theatre projects for and with young people.


“My ambition is to create spaces in which people meet and feel. What lies behind the mask, underneath the gestures and standards defined by culture and society? What remains when we stand face to face just looking at one another? How do I meet you and how do we conduct ourselves with love and mindfulness? How am I true to you?”


Enjoy with Elinor workshops of self-experience.

Together we create a safe space of emotional awareness. Using simple methods of theatre pedagogy and performance to observe, perceive and experience.


We will sharpen our senses and follow our intuition to learn from our own deep wisdom about true ways of encounter.




Medicinal Chef: OLIVER

Oliver began experimenting with cooking at the age of 16 and he has travelled the world learning new ways to experiment with food from many different cultures. Working as a professional chef for 15 years, Oliver has growing experience with how food influences our physical, mental and emotional health leading to the perspective that food should be used as medicine.


Oliver is particularly inspired by the Ayurvedic cooking principles and several journeys to the Amazon where he learned how indigenous people use plants, herbs and vegetables for healing.





8.00 Meditation with Amina

9.00 Breakfast

10.00-12.00 Theatre with Einor

13.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00 Silent hours

17.00-19.00 Painting

20.00 Dinner




from 570€ (it includes retreat, breakfast and lunch and accommodation in the smallest bedroom)

620€ (medium bedroom)

670€ (biggest bedroom)




Watsu (60 min. € 100,-)

Massage (60 min. € 70,-)

Chi Kung/Qi Gong (60 min. € 25,-)

Christallin Source Healing (60 min. € 70,-)

Gymnasia Abdominal Hipopresiva (60 min. € 25,-)

Special Offer: All Extra Activities pack. € 250,-





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